Hacienda is delighted to announce the continued special discount ticket program with the Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk. The Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk has won "Best Seaside Park" from the amusement industry a total of nine times. The Boardwalk features the world famous 1924 Giant Dipper wooden roller coaster, dozens of oceanfront thrill rides, and award winning video game arcades all set along a stunning California beach.

Discount Ticket Program 
Hacienda has enabled our affiliates to participate in a discount program designed to save you money and provide you with the best value in 2017. The 2017 discount program allows Hacienda employees and residents to purchase an All-Day Ride Combo Package which includes unlimited rides  PLUS $15 in Bonus Points for Attractions, Arcades and Midway Games, price: $41.95 plus tax. *Regular All-Day Ride Combo Package price: $48.97 plus tax. Good-Any-Day purchases must be pre-paid through the Boardwalk's online system.

In order to qualify for the discount, applicants need to be either an employee within Hacienda or a resident within one of the following Hacienda residential communities: Andares, Anton Hacienda, Avana Stoneridge, Avila,The Galloway, Park Hacienda, Siena, Valencia or Verona. Program information is available below.

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