LIV ON: Olivia Newton-John, Beth Nielsen Chapman, Amy Sky

Date:February 12, 2017
Time:03:00 PM to 05:30 PM
Location:Bankhead Theater, 2400 First Street, Livermore, California


LIV ON is an inspiring collaborative project that grew out of these three immensely talented artists’ personal experiences with profound, life-altering losses. They all survived to “LIV ON” and now celebrate each day with a deep sense of gratitude. A labor of love, the album came from sharing their stories with each other and the songs express feelings from the most difficult to the most celebratory. The trio hope these songs will uplift those moving from grief on a journey toward renewed joy. While the original focus of LIV ON was for those dealing with recent loss, the heartfelt message of compassion, healing and hope, speaks to facing all of life’s challenges and the appealing musical style connects with audiences everywhere.

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