Blackhawk Auto MuseumHacienda is delighted to announce a partnership with the Blackhawk Museum, conveniently located in Danville. The museum showcases a rotating collection of 55 rare examples of historical and significant automobiles. Examples from the 1920’s & 1930’s classic era, and  sports race cars from the 1950’s & 1960’s showcase the art, technology, culture, and history of the automobile for public enjoyment and educational enrichment. The Spirit of the Old West Gallery, a permanent western history exhibition, is dedicated to presenting a balanced narrative of the history of the American Westward Expansion from the mid 1700’s thru early 1900’s. It represents both the Native American Plains Indian tribes and American pioneers & settlers by depicting their challenges, successes and failures, and ways of life

Blackhawk Museum Special Offer
Blackhawk Museums is offering Hacienda employees and residents the opportunity to purchase two general admission tickets for the price of one. Maximum savings value is $15.

In order to qualify for the discount, applicants need to be either an employee within Hacienda or a resident within one of the following Hacienda residential communities: Andares, Anton Hacienda, Avana Stoneridge, Avila, The Galloway, Park Hacienda, Siena, Valencia or Verona. Offer specifics along with redemption information follows. If you do not see the section below with details on accessing this offer, please check to make sure that you are currently logged into a valid Employee, Resident or Owner account and that you are using the most current version of your browser. You can verify that you have a valid account by selecting the Welcome button at the top of any page on the site and then Home. The list of valid roles will appear on the right. You can add or modify your user roles by selecting Manage from the account menu.

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