Hacienda is home to over 20,000 employees and over 5,600 residents. Each month, Hacienda’s Special Offers program presents great savings opportunities to our affiliates through information packages, special promotions and our on-line services. Would you like assistance in making your special offer available to Hacienda employees and residents? The Hacienda Special Offers program may be just the ticket. Participation is easy.

Presenting Your Offer 
Special offers are frequently presented to our affiliates in both printed and electronic form. Printed materials outlining special offers are regularly distributed in our information packages and each month, Hacienda's PULSE newsletter, which contains both details on special offers as well as offers made in advertisements, is distributed to tenants throughout the park. Hacienda's web site is routinely browsed by a variety of people looking for information on the park’s programs. Our Special Offers web page carries a complete listing of current offers including our special Hacienda Discounts page which carries a selection of coupons for printing. Subscribers to our free Hacienda Online! Hacienda Connection e-mail service are alerted to the latest Hacienda Special Offers available on-line. Here's how you can take advantage of this program to present your offer:

Hacienda Businesses
Hacienda will distribute coupons and discounts offered by Hacienda businesses at no charge. Simply complete the information on the form below and we will present your offer. Furthermore, you can provide us with either your own redemption device or the information needed for us to prepare one on your behalf. Offers may also be presented on-line in the form of a web link to your site with information on the offer you are presenting.

Businesses Outside of Hacienda
Hacienda will distribute redemption devices or web links though our Special Offers program from businesses or venues outside of the park provided the offer is either specifically made for the Hacienda community, or limited to select populations and not generally available to the public. Interested businesses should complete the information on the form below. Businesses outside of Hacienda must supply the park with the materials needed for Hacienda affiliates to take advantage of the offer or provide a web link for access from our Special Offers page.

We can help present your offer! To submit your special offer, simply fill in the form below and click "Send to Hacienda." Your special offer can also be e-mailed to the following address: info@hacienda.org, along with attachments or other reference materials. 

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