Published March 24, 1999


We wanted to let you know about some additional information pertaining to the CASA program that was referenced in our June 1998 edition of NETWORK. This program, created by the City of Pleasanton, is a special community effort designed to create opportunities for affordable home ownership.

Program Status
Funds are still available for the CASA Home Loan™ Program which provides affordable financing for starter homes in the City of Pleasanton. The CASA Home Loan™ Program can help eligible employees live closer to work by reducing the income necessary to purchase a starter home in Pleasanton by 15% to 20%.

To determine whether you can qualify, please contact the City of Pleasanton’s program lender, Tracy Bank, and ask for CASA information. Tracy Bank can be reached at (800) 948-7229.

Additional Information
If you have questions or would like additional information on the CASA program, you may also contact Mr. Terry Ward at NEH (NEH is a non-profit organization working with the City of Pleasanton to implement the affordable home ownership program) at (925) 256-6386 or contact him by e-mail at tward@pacbell.net

Contact Information
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