Published April 8, 1999


The Hacienda Owners Association is a proud supporter of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's 1999 Spare the Air program. This important advisory alerts Bay Area residents about those days where their efforts to reduce air pollution can make a substantial difference in regional air quality.

Hacienda Online! Notification
All subscribers of Hacienda Online! Community News will automatically receive Spare the Air advisories. These notices are used to let people know that measures undertaken on the following day to help improve air quality are particularly valued. Measures might include use of transit, carpooling and vanpooling, biking, trip-linking, telecommuting as well as a wide variety of additional alternatives.

1999 Spare the Air Program Workshop
A special workshop to introduce interested participants to the Spare the Air program is being held in Hacienda. The workshop will take place Wednesday, April 14, at the CarrAmerica Conference Center,  4400 Rosewood Drive, Pleasanton. The event will be held from 9:00 am to 11:00 am and is designed to inform people of resources available to help facilitate their participation in the program and to help Spare the Air accomplish its goal. This workshop will be particularly valuable for those involved in managing employee transportation and human resource programs.

Pre-registration for the Spare the Air kick-off workshop is strongly encouraged. To make reservations or to receive information and support materials for the 1999 Spare the Air Program please contact Grier using the contact information below.  

Contact Information
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Community Focus
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