Published September 7, 2000


The Hacienda Owners Association is a proud supporter of the Bay Area Air Quality Management District's 2000 Spare the Air program. This important advisory notifies Bay Area residents about those days where their efforts to reduce air pollution can make a substantial difference in regional air quality. This year's program continues to run until October 15th.

2000 Report Card
The Bay Area is halfway through the 2000 Spare the Air Season and ozone counts have remained low.  However, September and October are often the warmest and smoggiest months in the Bay Area. Your active participation and assistance in the Spare the Air effort is very important. Details on air quality in the Bay Area this year can be obtained at  www.sparetheair.org/2000/box2000.htm.

End of Season Spare the Air Prizes
To celebrate the accomplishments of another Spare the Air season, prizes will be given out to people signed up for e-mail notifications at either their work or home computer. The Grand Prize is a trip for two to Honolulu. Other prizes being awarded in October include software packages, a bicycle and skates. To be eligible, make sure you and your employees are signed up for e-mail notification. Additional chances at winning are given for every e-mail survey submitted as well as to anyone who registers from their home e-mail account. Follow the link below for easy registration.  It's not too late to be entered into the drawing.

How You Can Help
Automobiles are the main source of air pollution in the Bay Area producing 250 tons of air pollution each day. You can make a big difference by driving less on Spare the Air days. Different transit options are available for commutes and personal trips.

Additional Information
A variety of materials are available to employers on all elements of the Spare the Air program. To receive additional information and support materials for the 2000 Spare the Air program please use the contact information below. 

Contact Information
Judi Goldblatt
RIDES for Bay Area Commuters
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Hacienda Owners Association
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