Published August 9, 2001


The Tri-Valley Transportation Guide, published by the Bay Area Air Quality Management District through the District's Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air,  is a new tool to fight congestion and improve air quality in the valley.   We hope that this guide will be useful to you as an aid in educating your associates about local transportation alternatives. 

Tri-Valley Transportation Guide
As automobile emissions represent one of the primary causes of air quality degradation, the District's Resource Team has frequently found itself involved in a number of efforts to promote the use of alternative commutes. To that end, the group has spent the last several months working on the development of the Tri-Valley Transportation Guide. This guide is a complete reference on alternative commute modes in the Tri-Valley area. 

Help Spread the Word
The primary function of the guide is to provide information about the extensive network of transportation facilities found in the Tri-Valley.  The guide is posted at: http://www.hacienda.org/pdf/tvtmap.pdf.  You are invited, and encouraged, to use and help distribute the guide.  A number of electronic file formats have been created and posted on this page for that purpose.  Here are some suggestions on how to put the guide to use:
  • Use the guide as a resource to aid in planning and implementing your alternative commute.
  • Create a large poster for display in your office or at special company events. 
  • Make fliers to hand out to your work associates or clients to provide them with everything they need to know about transportation in the Tri-Valley.
  • Incorporate the Tri-Valley Transportation Guide into your company's periodicals.
  • Develop an informational web page using the Tri-Valley Transportation Guide as a basis (you are welcome to use the HTML code from the page referenced above to create your own page or simply link to the existing page). 
  • Send out an e-mail to your work associates, clients, friends and family. 

Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air
The Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air is a local group of representatives from the public and private sectors working together to improve air quality in the region.  Collectively, the group, under the auspices of the Bay Area Air Quality  Management District, assists with the implementation of the Spare the Air program, provides resources to assist in air quality improvement efforts and acts as an information development and deployment source on matters relating to  air quality.  The Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air would welcome your participation in this and other projects being undertaken by the group. Meetings are held locally every other month. For additional information on the Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air, or for a schedule of upcoming meetings or projects, please contact Sarah Goldberg at Community Focus, the Resource Team facilitator. 

Contact Information
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