Published March 28, 2002


Did you know you could trade in your old gas lawn mower for a credit towards an electric-mulching mower? With this mower exchange, you can help reduce air pollution, prevent gas spills, recycle grass clippings and enjoy a beautiful yard the natural way. 

About Mulching Mowers
Clean air and yard waste prevention are the combined goals of an effort to promote grasscycling, the practice of mulching grass clippings by using clean running electric-mulching mowers.  Mulching mowers are optimum tools for grasscycling because they are designed to cut fine clippings.  With mulching mowers the clippings fall between the blades, quickly decompose and naturally release their nutrients back into the yard. 

Where to Trade in Your Gas Power Mower in Alameda County
Alameda County residents can exchange their gas-powered mowers for greatly reduced savings on mulching mowers on Saturday, April 13th between 9 am-3 pm at Southland Mall.  Alameda County residents can enjoy a savings of $100 off of an electric mower or $75 off a push reel mower.  There are a limited quantity of mowers available, and the discount is only available with a mower exchange.  Gas powered mowers must be drained of all oil and gas and an ID is required showing residence in Alameda County.  The Home Composter and the Biostack compost bins will also be available for purchase at the Alameda County event.   More information on the Alameda County event can be obtained by contacting the Alameda County Waste Management Authority & Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board at (510) 444-SOIL or visit www.stopwaste.org.

Where to Trade in Your Gas Power Mower in Surrounding Counties
The Air District will be sponsoring buyback programs in the surrounding counties.  Interested residents should bring their mowers, drained of gas and oil, to a participating Home Depot store at the date and time listed below.  You must turn in your old mower for recycling to get the $100 discount and an ID is required showing residence in the corresponding county.  In return, you may choose either a Black & Decker corded MM575 model for a reduced price of $79 plus tax, or the cordless CMM1000 for a reduced price of $279 plus tax.  All events are on a first come, first served basis, for as long as supplies last. 
Napa April 13 8:30 am Napa Home Depot, 225 Soscol Avenue
Sonoma April 20 7:00 am Rohnert Park Home Depot, 4825 Redwood Drive
Conta Costa April 20 7:00 am Pittsburg Home Depot, 2300 N. Park Blvd.
April 27 7:00 am San Ramon Home Depot, 2750 Crow Canyon Road
Solano April 27 8:00 am Vacaville Home Depot, 510 Orange Drive
Santa Clara May 11 8:00 am Sunnyvale Home Depot, 690 Kifer Road

This year's donors include the California Integrated Waste Management Board and the Yolo-Solano Air Quality Management District.   For more information on the trade-in located in these counties, contact Ralph Borrmann using the contact information below.

Disposal of Oil and Gas
Don’t pour your used oil and gas on the ground or down the storm drain. Store it in a container, and call your local solid waste management agency for disposal information.   The following are numbers to contact based on your county of residence:
 Alameda (510) 444-SOIL
 Contra Costa (925) 906-1806
 Napa  (707) 251-0162
 Santa Clara  (408) 918-4640 
 Solano  (707) 421-6765 
 Sonoma  (707) 565-3375 

Contact Information
Alameda County Waste Management Authority
Rory Bakke
777 Davis Street, Suite 100, San Leandro, California  94577
(510) 614-1699  phone     (925) 614-1698  fax     rbakke@stopwaste.org  e-mail     www.stopwaste.org    WWW

Bay Area Air Quality Management District
Ralph Borrmann
939 Ellis Street, San Francisco, California 94109
(415) 749-4791  phone     (415) 928-8560  fax     rborrmann@baaqmd.gov  e-mail     www.baaqmd.gov    WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California  94588-8570
(925) 734-6500  phone     (925) 734-6501  fax     info@hacienda.org  e-mail     www.hacienda.org    WWW