Published January 10, 2003

Time and money are two of the most valuable commodities you own and choice is one of your most powerful tools. A new benefit is available that allows you to save these commodities and make this tool more powerful than ever. The Commuter Choice Tax Benefit program, a tax savings tool for both employers and employees, will provide you with a greater array of choices to reduce commute time and cost all while making a substantial contribution to the environment. 

Commuter Choice Tax Benefit Program 
Really, the choice is easy. Fundamentally, the Commuter Choice Tax Benefit program creates a means of reducing the cost of commute alternatives. Using the program literally means commute alternatives can be used at a discount as the dollars used toward the alternative come tax free. Better still, the tax benefits pass to both employers and employees. Given the wide variety of commute choices available under the program, the ways in which this dollar savings can be realized are greater than ever. Time is valuable too and with ever increasing congestion on freeways, those using a commute alternative obtain something incredible in today's society: found time! Finally, consider the quality of life you experience in the air you breathe.  With Commuter Choice Tax Benefits, not only is time and money saved with a commute alternative, but the environment is preserved as reduced vehicle emissions substantially improve air quality. 

Commuter Choice Guide
The guide, posted at www.sparetheair.org/employer/CommuterChoice.pdf, is a starting point to examine how the Commuter Choice Tax Benefits program can be used at your business. First, the guide will provide you with the information you need to organize the program within your business. In addition, details are provided on the local choices available for implementing the program as a variety of systems exist to meet the particular needs of individual businesses. Finally, you will also find a number of resources to help answer questions from both contacts who have established programs themselves and experts in the field of Commuter Choice. 

Additional Information
This guide was developed by the Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air.  For more information on the guide and the Resource Team, feel free to use the contact below.

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