Published July 1, 2003


City of Pleasanton

Beginning June 30, traffic metering will be implemented at the eastbound Interstate 580 on-ramps at Hopyard Road, Hacienda Drive and Santa Rita Road to help reduce congestion and increase driving speeds on Interstate 580. Metering at these locations is the first phase of a master traffic improvement program in the Interstate 580 corridor.

Freeway Traffic Improvement
With on-ramp metering, congestion and delays on the freeway are expected to be reduced considerably. It should be noted however that congestion and delays are expected at some North Pleasanton on-ramps, particularly at the Santa Rita Road interchange, during the first few weeks of freeway on-ramp metering as drivers adjust to the new system. The timing of the on-ramp meters has been set to allow Pleasanton residents, employees and customers to get on the freeway during the evening commute hours and to reduce the likelihood that commuters on the freeway will cut through Pleasanton streets to avoid freeway delays. However, if a disproportionate number of motorists try to use the Santa Rita Road or Hacienda Drive interchanges, significant traffic back-ups will occur.

Best Routes for Hacienda Employees
During the first few weeks, at the commencement of this phase of ramp metering, Hacienda Business Park employees will likely find that the quickest way to get on the eastbound Interstate 580 freeway on weekdays from 3pm to 7pm will be at the Hopyard Road or Stoneridge Drive interchanges. In addition, carpools and vanpools will experience little or no delays using the diamond lanes at the Hacienda Drive on-ramp. The diamond lane is the left on-ramp lane at this interchange. The left on-ramp lane at Hopyard Road and Santa Rita Road is not a diamond lane. 

Contact Information
For additional information concerning the ramp metering project, contact Jeff Knowles at the City of Pleasanton using the contact information below.

Contact Information
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