Published March 25, 2005


The Livermore/Amador Valley Transit Authority (LAVTA), operator of WHEELS, is instituting a series of service modifications which will commence Saturday, April 2. A number of changes to routes and schedules will be occurring within Hacienda.

Route Modifications
A summary of changes follows. New schedules will be available during the last week of March at the Livermore Transit Center, on all WHEELS buses, on the WHEELS website or through the contacts provided below.
  • Route 1 Current service 1A and 1B will now operate on Central Parkway instead of Dublin Boulevard in both directions on the portion between Hacienda Drive and Tassajara Road. A new “1C” will serve Dublin Ranch Villages, originating from the south side of the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station via CarrAmerica and Rose Pavilion in Pleasanton. On the Dublin side, it will loop clockwise from/to Tassajara around Central-Keegan-Dublin, and then go back to BART via Rose Pavilion and CarrAmerica. The CarrAmerica office entrance will be served directly on the outbound buses in the morning, and on inbound buses in the afternoon; at other times, service can be accessed from Rosewood Drive or from the 10 line on Owens Drive.
  • Route 7 More frequent service will be provided during the midst of the morning and afternoon peaks on the Hacienda Business Park portion of the route during school days. This will increase current frequencies from hourly to half-hourly from (outbound) Dublin/Pleasanton BART in the morning, and to (inbound) BART in the afternoon.
  • Route 8 Longer service hours will be provided on weekends (line 8A), running approximately 8 AM to 8 PM. Vintage Hills will no longer be served directly on weekends. This change does not affect the weekday schedule.
  • Route 10 Longer service hours will be provided on both the Stoneridge Mall and East Avenue ends of the route during all days of the week, with service on these sections extended until approximately midnight. In conjunction with this improvement, other parts of the 10 lines schedules have been modified and/or adjusted; current regular riders should study the new Route 10 schedules carefully.
  • Route 12 Weekend Route 12A service will no longer go to the Santa Rita Rehabilitation Center in Dublin. As part of this change the overall weekend schedule on this line has been modified as well. This change does not affect the weekday schedule.
  • Route 18 An additional PM trip, leaving the Livermore Transit Center at 7 PM, will provide slightly extended evening service to the Granada neighborhood.
  • Route 51 This weekend-only route will now run every 30 minutes, with extended service hours. Service will run from approximately 8 AM to 9 PM.
  • Route 604 This school-day service route between Hacienda Business Park and Foothill High School will now originate and end at the Dublin/Pleasanton BART station. In connection with this change, the schedule for this route has been revised.

The letter extension on a number of routes has changed to better describe the service. The letter “V” indicates a “variation” to the regular pattern of the route.
  • Route 12X is now identified as Route 12V
  • Route 3E is now identified as Route 3V
  • Route 70 is now identified as Route 70X, indicating express service
  • Route 20X is now identified as Route 20, a local line

Free WHEELS Pass
Hacienda employees and residents are eligible for free WHEELS passes. In order to qualify for a pass, you need to be either an employee within Hacienda or a resident within one of the following Hacienda residential communities: Archstone, Avila, Siena, Valencia, or Verona. Bus passes entitle the bearer to a free ride to and from work, or to and from home for residents, on all WHEELS lines. WHEELS buses connect the Tri-Valley area to locations throughout Hacienda. WHEELS buses also meet each incoming ACE and BART train during the peak commute hours to shuttle Hacienda employees to their businesses and residents to the respective stations. During off-peak commute hours, WHEELS DART service shuttles passengers to and from the BART station as well as other destinations in the WHEELS service area. WHEELS I-680 express bus service provides a direct link for people commuting between Hacienda and Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek. Passes may be ordered at: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html.

Additional Information
Additional information on new WHEELS routes and schedules is available at: www.wheelsbus.com/upcoming/upcoming.html. You may also utilize the contact information found below for additional details.

Contact Information
Rosemary Booth
1362 Rutan Court, Suite 100, Livermore, California 94551
(925) 455-7558 phone     (925) 443-1375 fax     rbooth@lavta.org e-mail      www.wheelsbus.com WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California 94588-8570
(925) 734-6500 phone     (925) 734-6501 fax     info@hacienda.org e-mail     www.hacienda.org WWW