Published April 25, 2008


With gasoline prices on the rise, 511 Rideshare has begun a promotion to boost carpooling that may be hard for some commuters to refuse. Start carpooling and start earning!

Rideshare Rewards
Earn rewards and enjoy time with friends and colleagues as you beat the rush hour with 511's Rideshare Rewards program. If you switch to carpooling and work in the nine-county Bay Area you can win free gas or grocery gift cards. You can earn $10 for every five days you carpool within a 90-day period, up to $100, and one lucky commuter will win $1,000 in gift cards in a grand prize drawing. The program is currently under way and will run until funds are depleted. This offer is "first come, first serve," so be sure to register for the Rideshare Rewards at: http://ridesharerewards.511.org/. If you would like help finding a carpool partner, be sure to take advantage of 511's free RideMatch Service by visiting: http://rideshare.511.org/ridematch/.

Additional Information
Additional information is available on the Rideshare Rewards program as well as the many other programs and services offered by 511. For more information, please contact 511 using the information below.

Contact Information
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70 Washington Street, Suite 407, Oakland, California 94607
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Hacienda Owners Association
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