Published October 21, 2008


The City of Pleasanton Economic Development Department and the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce have partnered to host an event focused on entrepreneurial activity in Pleasanton's business community. Join the City of Pleasanton Economic Development Department and the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce for Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Our New Local Economy on Thursday, October 30th in Hacienda. This is a great informational opportunity for people with interests in innovation and the entrepreneurial marketplace.

Event Highlights
The Innovation & Entrepreneurship: Our New Local Economy event is being held on Thursday, October 30th at the CarrAmerica Conference Center in Hacienda from 1:30 to 5:00 pm followed by a cocktail reception and networking. This event will allow local entrepreneurs an opportunity to voice their thoughts about what Pleasanton can do to support our developing innovation industry, gain insight into the types of companies venture capital firms are looking to invest in, and learn about ideas generated at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories that are now ready for commercial application. The following are featured highlights of the event:
  • See and touch new cutting-edge Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory technologies with global commercial application
  • Discuss licensing opportunities with scientists providing technology transfer in the fields of energy, water, communications and more
  • Hear about the market sectors that venture capital firms are pursuing today
  • Learn about local start-up success stories and new venture capital opportunities
  • Find out why Pleasanton is an emerging hub for innovation and entrepreneurship
  • Explore public and private sector strategies to boost start-up success
  • Be where capital meets new ideas and creates opportunity
You can register for the event at: www.pleasanton.org or contact the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce directly using the information listed under contacts below.

Additional Information
Additional information is available on the event. Please feel free to contact the Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce for details.

Contact Information
Scott Raty
Pleasanton Chamber of Commerce
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Hacienda Owners Association
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