Published August 30, 2012


Chip Conley, entrepreneur and NY Times Best Selling Author of Peak and Emotional Equations will be featured at a special speaking engagement at the Firehouse Arts Center on September 17th. Come hear his presentation, "Emotional Equations: Transformation at the Intersection of Psychology and Business", from this industry-leading entrepreneur and innovative thinker.

What You Will Take Away
In Emotional Equations, Chip Conley takes the mathematics of human happiness to a new dimension. Using simple formulas, he provides concrete methods for empowering individuals, families and organizations. Attendees will take away tools to address the broad spectrum of human emotions that drive us all. The "Anxiety Equation" (anxiety = uncertainty x powerlessness) is a representative example. It provides individuals and leaders with an effective tool to quell personal and organizational anxiety almost at will. We invite you to join neighbors and colleagues to learn how to deploy these valuable tools to your work and life.

Lecture Details
The lecture is being held on Monday, September 17, 2012 from 6:00 pm to 7:00 pm at the Firehouse Arts Center. Signed books will be available at the presentation. The event is free of charge but tickets are required for admission. Reserve your tickets for this free event today at: http://equations.eventbrite.com/.

About the Speaker
Chip Conley is the founder and CEO of Joie de Vivre (JdV), a hospitality firm that has grown to become the second largest boutique hotel company in the United States. Conley transformed a 1950’s no-tell motel into the world-renowned Phoenix Hotel, a legendary rock n’ roll destination. Conley and his company’s time-tested techniques and transformational leadership practices have been features in the New York Times, Time, USA Today, Fortune, and The Wall Street Journal. Conley is also an international speaker for organizations that include TED, Pixar, and Google. His interest in the relationship between psychology and business, and emotional intelligence, led to Conley’s penning "PEAK: How Great Companies Get Their Mojo from Maslow", which is based upon noted psychologist Abraham Maslow’s iconic Hierarchy of Needs theory. His latest book, a New York Times best seller, entitled "Emotional Equations: Simple Truths for Creating Happiness + Success", takes readers from emotional intelligence to emotional fluency, using math as a way to better understand and manage our emotions.

Additional Information
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