Published June 9, 2016


Livermore Chamber of Commerce
The Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce invites you to attend the State of the City of Livermore Address on June 23rd, 2016. This is a great community event that launches the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce 2016 Wine Country Summer Series and provides an opportunity to learn more about the City of Livermore.

Event Highlights
The State of the City of Livermore Address is being held on Thursday, June 23rd, 2016 from 11:30 am to 1:00 pm at the Robert Livermore Community Center, located at 4444 East Avenue in Livermore. Mayor John Marchand will deliver the annual State of the City Address to the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce membership and guests.

Tickets are $48.00 per person for members of the Livermore Valley Chamber and $58.00 per person for non-members. Reservations are requested. You can register for the event with the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce using the contact information below or online at: www.livermorechamber.org/news-and-events/wine-country-luncheon-series.aspx.

Additional Information
Additional information relating to the event and event participation is available. For details, please refer to the Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce representative below.

Contact Information
Martha Espinoza
Livermore Valley Chamber of Commerce
2157 1st Street, Livermore, California 94550
(925) 447-1606  phone     (925) 447-1641  fax     www.livermorechamber.org  WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4305 Hacienda Drive, Suite 330, Pleasanton, California  94588-2738
(925) 734-6500  phone     (925) 734-6501  fax     info@hacienda.org  e-mail     www.hacienda.org    WWW