Published November 13, 2017


November 511 Rideshare promo
Ridesharing is a great way to beat traffic congestion on the way to work, reduce auto emissions and cut commute costs. Now, you can also get a chance to win prizes with special rideshare promotions being offered by 511 over the next month. 511 assists thousands of Bay Area employers and their employees by offering free commute assistance and information on alternatives to driving alone.

511 RideMatch Carpool
Get started right away and join a carpool by simply registering at www.ridematch.511.org/SanFrancisco/?client=hacienda. Ridesharing with 511 is easy and works great whether you want to carpool every day, a day or two a week, or as needed. Once registered, you will receive a list of potential carpool partners who live and work nearby. Give them a call and try carpooling. When you carpool, you will save time, money and get the opportunity to meet new people.

... or ... 511 RideMatch Vanpool
Vanpools are a great option for people who have a regular/fixed schedule and are traveling 25 or more miles each way.  511 already has a great selection of vanpools in the RideMatch Service and can assist anyone who is looking to join an existing vanpool or interested in starting their own. Registering at www.ridematch.511.org/SanFrancisco/?client=hacienda will let you know right away how you can get connected with a nearby vanpool opportunity.

Special November Promotion
This month, 511 and Starbucks bring you a chance to win a $5 Starbucks gift card! Track your carpool trips in your 511 Trip Diary and you will be entered to win. Ten winners will be selected during the second week of November. Participating is easy. Access your Trip Diary through your 511 RideMatch account. Log at least fifteen (5) green commute trips in November to become eligible for the gift card drawing!

I-580 Express Lanes Now Open!
The I-580 Express Lanes through Livermore, Pleasanton and Dublin are open and provide a faster way to work. These new Express Lanes add new miles to the Bay Area's extensive HOV network. The best part? If you are in a carpool or vanpool, you ride in the Express Lanes for free!

Additional Information
Additional details are available on ridesharing as well as the many other programs and services offered by 511. Please refer to the 511 RideMatch Program contact below for details.

Contact Information
511 Regional Rideshare Program
70 Washington Street, Suite 407, Oakland, California 94607
Main Number is toll-free: 511  phone     www.511.org   WWW