Published September 27, 2017


The Alameda County Transportation Commission is launching Share Your Ride Week during the first week of October and invites all commuters to participate! From October 2nd through October 6th, Hacienda encourages you to join in and rethink your commute: “skip” traffic and “hop” on the bus, on BART or ACE, into a carpool, or onto a rideshare app.

Try a Commute Alternative
Share Your Ride Week is designed to help raise awareness about alternative modes of transportation and motivate people throughout Alameda County to leverage technologies that make sharing rides easier. Use this week to consider a different way of commuting and explore the many choices available. In addition to providing increased convenience and cost savings, commute alternatives also reduce pollution and regional traffic congestion. Want help planning your commute for Share Your Ride Week? Visit 511.org for more information and trip planning assistance.

Hacienda Commuting Programs and Services
Managing your commute has never been easier thanks to a variety of great commute options and assistance available to help determine the best ways to package your choices. During Share Your Ride Week, be sure to visit the pages at www.hacienda.org/special-offers/special-offers to learn about these resources or contact our office directly for personalized help with our commute experts. Be sure to check out these special commuting programs and services that Hacienda provides:
  • Wheels Eco Pass: As a reminder, all Hacienda employees and residents may ride the local Wheels system for free at any time while they are employed or residing within the park. Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/wheels%20eco%20pass for details.
  • BART Trial Ride: Are you a first-time rider interested in a free ride on the Bay Area's most comprehensive rail system? Place your order to request a BART new rider ticket through the Hacienda web site. Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/new%20rider%20program%20bart for details.
  • ACE Trial Ride: First-time riders can enjoy a free trial ride for two consecutive days of round-trip travel on the ACE train with connecting bus service. Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/New%20Rider%20Program%20ACE for details.
  • County Connection Trial Ride: Hacienda employees and residents can try a free ride on County Connection. Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/new%20rider%20program%20county%20connection for details.
  • San Joaquin RTD: This special opportunity will allow you to experience the RTD-BART Commuter service free of charge for a week to see how easy it is to travel in comfort from San Joaquin County cities to Hacienda. Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/new%20rider%20program%20sjrtd for details.
  • SCOOP Ride Share Discounts: Scoop is a mobile app that lets employees share trips to and from work with a single click. Scoop riders save 30-40% on their commute costs vs. driving alone and Scoop drivers save up to 100% with just a few passengers. Scoop manages the application, ride matching, customer service, and guarantees all participants a ride home each day. With this Hacienda Special Offer, all new participants will receive $5 for simply trying out the App! Visit www.hacienda.org/form/details/new%20rider%20program%20scoop for details.

Additional Information
Additional information on Share Your Ride Week is available. For details, please refer to the Alameda County Transportation Commission representative below. For details on Hacienda's web site, Hacienda user accounts and Hacienda's Special Offers program, contact the Hacienda Owners Association.

Contact Information
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