Published November 20, 1998


NOTE: We apologize that we were not able to deliver this information sooner. However, we felt it might still be of interest to many of the businesses within Hacienda. We will be continuing our association with the StopWa$te program and anticipate being able to provide additional program opportunities in the near future. 

The Alameda County Source Reduction and Recycling Board is pleased to announce the StopWa$te Awards Program – a competitive monetary awards program for Alameda County businesses and institutions that implement waste prevention projects. The StopWa$te Awards are designed to help divert materials that would otherwise be landfilled.  The Awards are for waste prevention projects only – as distinct from recycling or composting projects. Awards include monetary awards and technical assistance. 

A waste prevention project is one that reduces, avoids, or eliminates waste before it is generated.  Business functions that particularly lend themselves to source reduction include manufacturing, food service, and shipping and distribution.  A few examples of eligible source reduction projects include: 

  • redesigning manufacturing processes to reduce scrap waste
  • better estimating food supplies to avoid spoilage
  • switching to bulk containers to reduce packaging
  • redesigning to reduce shipping waste 

Interested parties may obtain a StopWa$te Award application package by contacting the agency at (510) 614-1699, or by downloading the Rich Text Format file at  www.stopwaste.org/awards.rtf .  Applications must be received in the agency offices by 5:00 p.m. on Monday, November 30, 1998.  Postmarks are not accepted. 

Additional Information
For further information or technical assistance, please contact Rory Bakke or Tom Padia at (510) 614-1699 or via email at  rbakke@stopwaste.org

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