Published January 7, 1999


NOTE: Please forward this information to anyone who may be interested. We would like to get the details out on this exciting opportunity to as many people as possible right away.

January 4, 1999 saw the commencement of the new Interstate 680 Express Bus service which provides a fast link between Hacienda and Contra Costa County. Best of all, this service is free to Hacienda employees and tenants.

Wheels Bus

Service Description
The I-680 Express Bus will begin service with two runs during both the morning and evening commute hours, with the potential for additional service to be added if there is sufficient demand. The morning routes begin in Hacienda at Owens Drive and Willow Road at the bus stop in front of the BART station and continue to the Walnut Creek BART station. From there, the bus proceeds to the Mitchell Drive Park and Ride in Walnut Creek, the Park and Ride lot on Coggins Drive adjacent to the Pleasant Hill BART station, and stops again to pick up passengers at Walnut Creek BART. The route returns to the East Dublin/Pleasanton BART station, then circulates through Hacienda following the same route as the WHEELS number 9 bus.  The bus will make only three stops within Contra Costa County in an effort to provide a faster service for commuters. Since busses have access to the HOV lanes on I-680, travel times are competitive with those of solo drivers making the same trip.

Route Maps
Please refer to the following route maps and schedule for details on the drop-off and pick-up points for the service. Additional information can be obtained by using the contact references found below.

Bus Map

Bus Schedule

Hacienda WHEELS Pass Holders Ride Free
All Hacienda employees and residents are eligible to ride the route free of charge with their WHEELS pass, available from the Hacienda Owners Association. To order your free WHEELS pass call the Hacienda Transportation Hotline at (925) 734-6551.

Additional Information
Additional information may be obtained through the contact references that follow. Materials are also available at the Association's web site at www.hacienda.org.  

Contact Information
Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California  94588-8570
(925) 734-6500  phone     (925) 734-6501  fax     info@hacienda.org  e-mail     www.hacienda.org    WWW