Published September 13, 1999


Three special transit events are set to take place in Hacienda this month. On Thursday, September 16, you can ride BART for free. On Sunday, September 26, new WHEELS schedules and routing go into effect. Finally, on Thursday, September 30, Hacienda will be holding its Fifth Annual Transportation Fair to celebrate Rideshare Week.

Free BART Day on September 16
On Thursday, September 16, Hacienda employees can ride BART for free as part of a special celebration commemorating the 25th anniversary of the opening of the transbay tube courtesy of WHEELS and BART. Participation in the event is easy. Park employees and residents boarding any WHEELS bus before noon on the 16th will receive a free BART ticket valued at $4.50.


Remember, all Hacienda employees and residents can ride any WHEELS bus for free by ordering their WHEELS pass from the Hacienda Owners Association. Passes may be obtained by calling the Association's Transportation Hotline, (925) 734-6551 or by placing an order on our web site.

New WHEELS Schedules and Routes Start September 26
Starting September 26, new WHEELS bus schedules and routes go into effect in Hacienda. Changes have been made to existing routes and service to speed delivery time around the park, offer increased coverage and improve connectivity with BART. A map of the new routes is shown below. New printed schedules may be obtained on any WHEELS bus, by visiting the Association's office, or ordered by using the phone or e-mail contact information shown above.

Hacienda's Transportation Fair Takes Place September 30
Hacienda's Fifth Annual Transportation Fair will be taking place on Thursday, September 30, from 11:00 am to 2:00 pm at the CarrAmerica Conference Center. This special preparation for Rideshare Week will inform your employees about transportation alternatives everyone can use to reach Hacienda.

The event will feature a variety of groups providing transit related information. Participants will include: RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, WHEELS, County Connection, SMART, MAX, BART, ACE, VPSI, Enterprise Vanpool, Black Tie Limousine, Bay Area Bicycle Coalition, Commuter Check, TravInfo, Guaranteed Ride Home, City of Pleasanton, TR@KS, Pacific Bell Mobile Services (telecommuting and home office demonstrations), Bay Area Clean Air Coalition, Heart Association, Lung Association and the East Bay Regional Parks District. Attendees can also pick up their free transportation pass for WHEELS and DART buses.

The first 300 people attending the fair will receive a free Transportation Gift Bag. Special drawings will also be held. Prizes include: BART tickets, computer accessories, sportswear, commuter mugs, t-shirts and more. Free shuttles will be circulating the park to take people to and from the conference center. Parking at the event is also available. 

Rideshare Week, a regional event sponsored by RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, offers additional prizes and opportunities for those willing to try a transportation alternative during the week of October 4-8. On-line registration can be performed by going to the RIDES Rideshare Week web site: www.rides.org/rsw99/index.shtml.

Additional Information
Please do not hesitate to contact the Association if you have any questions or require additional information. You may reach us at: 

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