Published February 1, 1999


We recently forwarded information to you on SMART's Winter Break program. In addition to Winter Break, you may also wish to take advantage of SMART's Rider Round-up promotion to save even more money or travel from the San Joaquin Valley for free!

Rider Round-Up
Under the Winter Break program, any current rider that signs up a new rider will receive a $25.00 discount on their monthly pass during the months of February through April. The Rider Round-up program carries the Winter Break promotion one step further. Every subsequent rider that uses your name when enlisting will receive the $25.00 discount as well! In addition, you will receive $25.00 off your monthly pass through April for every rider you enlist, until you ride free (no credits are available beyond the full passenger fare).

Additional Information
Limited seating is available. To call and reserve your seat, or to obtain additional details about the SMART Winter Break and Rider Round-up promotions, contact SMART at (209) 948-5566 Extension 628 or (800) HOW-TO-RIDE. 

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