Published October 17, 2000



Hacienda is pleased to announce a new resource available to employees, residents, businesses and partners! In conjunction with Hacienda, Acteva is offering all of Hacienda's affiliates the very best ticketing and reservation engine available. This resource will allow anyone to ticket events or take registrations for virtually any function: paid or free. In addition, Hacienda has created a new program to promote and publicize events ticketed through Acteva to the Hacienda community.

Meet Hacienda's New Benefits Partner: Acteva
Acteva, the leader in on-line ticketing and registration, provides services which will allow you to increase attendance, reduce costs, and gain total control over the activity management process. Acteva has broken new ground as the first self-service, self-managed Web application designed for activities taking the scalability and convenience of the Internet beyond  the realm of goods and services. It's e-commerce for activities whether paid or for free. Acteva's mission is simple: to be the world's "Marketplace for Activities" where activity organizers and participants meet to conduct e-business.

Easy to Use
The Acteva ticketing and reservation engine is very easy to use. Once you enter your basic account information, describe your activity and enter your ticketing options, you are ready to go! The Acteva engine will deliver a special web link that you can then use anywhere to promote your activity. When your clients click on your activity link they are taken to a special form allowing them to reserve whatever tickets, passes, memberships or booking you wish to offer. To get started, simply click on the image below or follow this link to connect you with the Hacienda and Acteva partnership offer:  www.acteva.com/about/index.cfm?TTGAffRef=3587.

Hacienda Promotion
Hacienda wants to help you publicize your events, activities and functions. If you create a ticketed activity with the Acteva engine let Hacienda help with the promotion. Activities and events, available to the public, booked through Acteva can be featured in our newsletter calendar, on our Events and Activities web page and promoted in our e-mail bulletins. These vehicles reach thousands of subscribers each month. From start to finish you can have an easy and convenient solution to organizing, ticketing and promoting your activity with a simple click.

Additional Information
Please do not hesitate to contact the Association if you have any questions or require additional information.  

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