Published August 23, 2001


Wage Works

Hacienda and WageWorks are working together to make your commute easier. WageWorks has a special offer for Hacienda employers that can save your company and your employees money, while providing your business the easiest way to implement commuter choice benefits.

The Wage Works Program
As you may know, WageWorks provides administration of pre-tax commuter benefits. In fact, WageWorks is the first company to offer a total pre-tax solution addressing the needs of employers, employees, and transportation providers. Employees can purchase transit passes, parking and vanpool services on a payroll deducted basis using pre-tax dollars that are not subject to Federal, State, Local or FICA taxes. Passes are mailed directly to the employees’ home which means there's no waiting for reimbursement, no vouchers, and no standing in line!

Discount for Hacienda Businesses
Hacienda has arranged for a special price from WageWorks for all businesses at Hacienda. During this special promotion, whether your entire organization employs 50 people or 5,000 people (or more), you can sign up for WageWorks at the special discounted price of $6 per participant per month instead of the standard rate of $6.50. In addition, set-up, implementation, and all the marketing materials you need are FREE! For companies with less than 1,000 employees, a nominal $250 set-up fee is charged (normally up to $2,000). In addition, this special price is valid for ALL employees of Hacienda companies nationwide: not just the employees working at the Hacienda location.

The Benefits of the Wage Works Program
The following will show you why the WageWorks program is rapidly being adopted as the method of choice in implementing commuter benefits:

Save Money

  • Employees save up to 40% on commuting and parking costs by using pre-tax dollars.
  • Your company saves money with lower overall payroll taxes.
  • Mention ‘Hacienda’ and you receive the lower participation rate.
  • WageWorks commuter benefits can be provided at no net cost to your employer.
  • The following example illustrates the potential tax savings: ABC Company has 250 employees and 158 plan to use commuter benefits (based on standard participation rates in the Bay Area Transit District for parking, transit, and vanpool services). The total annual tax savings for the employer is $18,109. The total annual tax savings for the employees is $93,248.

Save Time

  • Enrollment can be done online or by phone, and is completely paperless.
  • Actual transit passes are delivered directly to your home or office -- no vouchers or reimbursement checks are needed.
  • Direct payment for parking and online receipt processing with eReceipt.

Company Advantages

  • All communications and customer service provided by WageWorks.
  • Simple implementation in just a few weeks, with easy payroll and HRIS interface.
  • WageWorks is fully compliant with the final January 11, 2001 IRS regulations.
  • More than 3 times as many employees use WageWorks compared to conventional methods.

More Information
Hacienda's approach to transportation alternatives has received numerous awards, and WageWorks’ commitment to making commuting both easier and more cost effective is well documented. Be the one to let your company know about WageWorks and you will make a significant contribution to the quality of your employees’ work life experience. Please call WageWorks directly, toll-free at 877-WAGEWORKS for more information or contact Sherron Strausberg using the information below. You may also visit WageWorks online to see for yourself how easy it is to save money by using pre-tax dollars for your commute. By signing up prior to January 1, 2002, you will be eligible for the special rate that Hacienda has negotiated on your behalf.

Contact Information
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