Published September 17, 2002


Commuter Choice Transportation Fair

The Commuter Choice Transportation Fair will be taking place on Tuesday, October 1, from 10:30 am to 1:30 pm at the CarrAmerica Conference Center. This special event will inform your employees about transportation alternatives everyone can use to reach Hacienda.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes!
The first 300 people attending the fair will receive a free Commuter Travel Wallet! Special drawings will also be held to award prizes to attendees. Prizes include a variety of transportation giveaways including BART tickets and commute incentives. The grand prize will be a Napa Valley Sip 'n Cycle Tour for four.

What You Will Find
The fair has two parts. The first hour of the fair, from 10:30 am to 11:30 pm, has been specifically designed for Employee Transportation Coordinators, or those who either facilitate a company’s transportation program or who oversee employee benefits programs including transportation incentives. Fair vendors will be available to answer questions and work with representatives on creating program options for their business. The second part of the fair, from 11:30 pm to 1:30 pm, is for the general public. Here, fair attendees will be able to connect with important resources that will aid them in getting to and from work using alternatives that can save time and money.

Commuter Choice Resources
The Commuter Choice Transportation Fair will give you direct access to the regional organizations offering the best in alternative transportation. Participants will include: RIDES for Bay Area Commuters, WHEELS, County Connection, SMART, AC Transit, Tri-Delta Transit, MAX, BART, ACE, VPSI, Enterprise Vanpool, Buspool.org, Black Tie Limousine, Bay Area Bicycle Coalition, Dublin Cyclery, Commuter Choice, Commuter Check, WageWorks, Trust Administrators, Inc., CDS Net, TravInfo, Guaranteed Ride Home, City of Pleasanton Commendable Commutes, 511 (TravInfo), Take Transit Trip Planner , Commute Alternative Network, Commuter Connection, Solano Commuter Information, Commute Solutions, Peninsula Congestion Relief Alliance, Cingular Wireless (telecommuting and home office demonstrations), Spare The Air, Heart Association, Lung Association and the East Bay Regional Parks District.

How to get There
DART service, provided by WHEELS, is available to transport you to and from the event. For information on using DART, visit the WHEELS website at: www.wheelsbus.com/dart/dart.html. When ordering DART service inform the reservation attendant that your destination point is the CarrAmerica Conference Center, 4400 Rosewood Drive. DART service may be used free of charge with your Hacienda WHEELS pass. Passes may be ordered in advance of the event at: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html. Parking at the event is also available.

Fair Preview
Need help planning your commute? Want to know how to get from here to there? Interested in resources that can show you the full range of transportation alternatives available? Get a preview of what the Commuter Choice Transportation Fair will have to offer utilizing the links below:

  • Hacienda's Free WHEELS Pass. All employees and residents on Hacienda may obtain a free WHEELS pass to use anywhere, anytime on the WHEELS system. This service includes all local buses, links between BART and ACE as well as free access to the I-680 Express bus from Walnut Creek and Pleasant Hill. To obtain a pass, simply follow this link: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html.
  • Hacienda's New Rider Program. Try our special New Rider program for a variety of free incentives to aid your alternative commute. BART, ACE and SMART offer free passes for first- time users to try their services. Pick up your incentive today at: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_rider.html.
  • Online Ridematching. Discover the easiest way to develop a carpool or vanpool matchlist instantaneously using RIDES for Bay Area Commuters' new online ridematching system. Once you see how easy it is to use, try it out during this special introductory period and enroll in the RIDES drawing for great prizes.
  • 511 (TravInfo) and Take Transit Trip Planner. Commuter Choice is all about knowing what commute alternatives are available. The new 511 (TravInfo) service and the Take Transit Trip Planner are all about packaging these choices to suit your needs. You will find details on all of these programs and how to use them to plan your commute.
  • Commuter Choice Tax Benefit. Learn all about the latest in this important federal program providing one of the best ways to discount the use of commute alternatives.
  • Tri-Valley Transportation Guide. Would you like a comprehensive reference on the Tri-Valley transportation network? A new guide is available which shows all of the regional services available for your alternative commute.

Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative
Your organization can obtain the ability to distinguish themselves as a Commuter Choice Employer under a new federal program. The US Environmental Protection Agency and US Department of Transportation have promulgated a national standard of excellence under the Commuter Choice Leadership Initiative. The initiative is a tool companies can use to highlight their support of commuting choices in the workplace. Representatives from the program will be available at the fair to provide details. In addition, employers can also sign up to be on the new Bay Area Best Workplaces for Commuters list. This regional recognition will commence later in October and will prominently feature enrolled employers in a Bay Area wide campaign. Here is the best part: if you are a business located in Hacienda you already qualify for both levels of recognition! Hacienda's comprehensive transportation alternatives program covers all of the requirements for both the Commuter Choice Employer designation and the Bay Area Best Workplaces for Commuters list. Representatives from both programs will be at the fair to assist you with an easy five minute enrollment process and to answer questions.

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