Published March 4, 2002


Oakland A's

The Oakland A's are offering a special discount program to Hacienda employees.  Now any Hacienda employee can enjoy savings normally reserved for large groups.  Hacienda affiliates can buy tickets individually at large group rates for a number of games.

Oakland A’s Ticket Specials for 2002
Below you will find special dates in which you can purchase half price tickets in the Field Level, Plaza Level, or Upper Reserved.
April 16 Seattle Mariners Tuesday 7:05 pm  
April 20 Anaheim Angels Saturday 1:05 pm A's Car Flag (15,000 Fans)
April 27 Chicago White Sox Saturday 1:05 pm Hudson bobblehead (15,000 Fans)
May 11 Toronto Blue Jays Saturday 1:05 pm Stadium Cooler Bag (15,000 Fans)
May23 Baltimore Orioles Thursday 12:35 pm Bring the Department
June 6 Seattle Mariners Thursday 12:35 pm Bring the Department
June 8 Houston Astros Saturday 1:05 pm Inter-League Play!
July 5 Kansas City Royals Friday 6:05 pm Post Game Fireworks! (No Field Level)
July 7 Kansas City Royals Sunday 1:05 pm Catfish Hunter Bobblehead (15,000 Fans)

Prices and Ordering
Hacienda employees may buy tickets for any of the above noted games at the group savings price.  Field level tickets can be purchased at $11.00 per ticket (regularly $22.00).  Tickets for the Plaza Level are $8.00 per ticket (regularly $16.00), and Upper Reserved are $4.00 per ticket (regularly $8.00).  If your desired location isn't available, A’s ticket operations will assign the next best seat location and charge accordingly.  Please note, any ticket order taken within 10 days of the event will result in tickets being held at will call under your name.  A photo ID is needed to pick up your tickets.  Order your tickets early and come early in order to take advantage of good seats and promotional items. 

Tickets can be ordered in the following ways:
  • Phone Isaiah Flynn at (510) 563-2318
  • Fax in a request to Isaiah Flynn at (510) 563-2398.  Please be sure to include all information including your credit card number
  • Email ticket requests to iflynn@oaklandathletics.com 
  • Send a check with your return address, game dates, number of tickets for each game, and payment made payable to Oakland A’s.   Please add only $2 for total handling fee.  Send check and orders to:  Oakland A’s, Attn: Isaiah Flynn, 7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, CA  94621

Bonus Games Discounts
Discounts are also being extended to two bonus games.  The first game will be held on April 23rd and will welcome back Mr. Giambi and the New York Yankees.  The second game will be on April 25th against the New York Yankees.  Hacienda ticket prices for these games will be $17.00 for Field Level (regularly $22.00) and $12.00 for Plaza Level (regularly $16.00 ).

Contact Information
Oakland Athletics
Isaiah Flynn
7000 Coliseum Way, Oakland, California  94621
(510) 563-2318  phone     (510) 563-2398  fax     iflynn@oaklandathletics.com  e-mail
www.oaklandathletics.com    WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California  94588-8570
(925) 734-6500  phone     (925) 734-6501  fax     info@hacienda.org  e-mail     www.hacienda.org    WWW