Published October 5, 2004


Your ability to choose is one of the most powerful tools you possess. Hacienda Business Park and the City of Pleasanton are pleased to sponsor a free major event where you can apply your power to choose to time and money saving commute opportunities. Here, attendees can learn from exhibitors about the complete range of transportation alternatives and related support programs to aid them in their commute.

Event Date and Location
The Tri-Valley Commuter Choice Transportation Fair is Thursday, October 7, between 10:30 am and 1:30 pm at the CarrAmerica Conference Center at 4400 Rosewood Drive. Over fifty different exhibits will be available highlighting time- and money-saving commute options. The fair has two parts. The first hour of the fair, from 10:30 am to 11:30 am, has been specifically designed for Employee Transportation Coordinators, or those who either facilitate a company’s transportation program or who oversee employee benefits programs including transportation incentives. Fair vendors will be available to answer questions and work with representatives on creating program options for their business. The second part of the fair, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm, is for the general public. Here, fair attendees will be able to connect with important resources that will aid them in getting to and from work using alternatives that can save both time and money.

Prizes! Prizes! Prizes! 
Admission to the event is free. The first 500 people attending the fair will receive a free Commuter Travel Wallet! A free Deluxe Commuter Bag is also available to all participants who register into the new 511 Regional Rideshare Program database. Special drawings will also be held to award prizes to attendees. Prizes include a variety of transportation giveaways including BART tickets, autographed gear from the Golden State Warriors, gift baskets, commute incentives and much, much more. The grand prize will be an exciting Safari West Passport. There is no charge to enter the drawings and attendees need not be present to win.

Your Commute, Your Choice
The Commuter Choice Transportation Fair will give you direct access to the regional organizations offering the best in alternative transportation. Participants will include a broad range of representatives across a wide spectrum of commuting.

County Connection
Tri-Delta Transit
AC Transit
Water Transit Authority

Rideshare Resources
RIDES for Bay Area Commuters
Enterprise Vanpool
City Carshare
Black Tie Limousine

Biking and Walking
Bay Area Bicycle Coalition
Dublin Cyclery
East Bay Regional Parks District
Trails Council of Livermore-Amador Valley
American Heart Association
American Lung Association

Cingular Wireless
Local Telecommute Resources

Regional Commute Assistance
Alameda County Guaranteed Ride Home
Commute Alternative Network
Peninsula Congestion Relief Alliance
Commute Connection
Solano Commuter Information
Commute Solutions

Commute Benefits
Commuter Check

Employer Programs
Pleasanton Commendable Commutes
San Ramon Transportation Services
Hacienda Commute Program
Best Workplaces for Commuters
Commuter Choice
Spare The Air
Tri-Valley Resource Team on Clean Air

How to Get There
The event is being held at the CarrAmerica Conference Center at 4400 Rosewood Drive in Pleasanton. The center can be accessed off of Rosewood Drive from Owens Drive or Santa Rita Road. DART service, provided by WHEELS, is available to transport you to and from the event. DART services may be ordered by calling (925) 447-3278. For information on using DART, visit the WHEELS website at: www.wheelsbus.com/dart/dart.html. When ordering DART service inform the reservation attendant that your destination point is the CarrAmerica Conference Center, 4400 Rosewood Drive. Parking at the event is also available.

Event Sponsors
The Commuter Choice Transportation Fair is co-sponsored by Hacienda Business Park and the City of Pleasanton. Other major event support has been provided by CarrAmerica.

Commuter Choice is a nationwide partnership involving a variety of interest groups such as business, residents, and schools to help create customized solutions to commuting challenges and to provide and promote choices for travelers.

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Pleasanton Economic Development Department
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