Published March 8, 2004


Tri-Delta Transit is back with a great option to take the worry and stress out of your commute from Eastern Contra Costa County. The Delta Express is a time- and money- saving luxury ride from your home to Hacienda. In addition, Tri-Delta Transit is once again offering their great discount under Hacienda's New Rider Program allowing you a chance to try this service for free.

On the Road Again
Tri-Delta Transit is returning to Hacienda with a great connection: the Delta Express. The Delta Express provides twice-daily service Monday through Friday with buses arriving in Hacienda at 6:30 am and 7:00 am and departing in the evening at 4:20 pm and 5:35 pm. Residents in Antioch, Pittsburg, Bay Point, Brentwood, Byron, Oakley and Discovery Bay can travel to Hacienda in comfort and style on coaches with great commuting features including: luggage racks, air conditioning, reading lights, reclining seats, armrests and footrests, radio and CD player connections, televisions and VHS players, personal trays, spill-proof mugs, bike racks and a wheelchair lift.

New Rider Program
Hacienda has a number of resources available for your commute. Hacienda sits at the junction of over eight different transit services. If you are interested in trying one of these services, there are a number of incentives to help you get started. Current New Rider Program offerings are listed below. To order, simply follow this link:  www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_rider.html.

You Can't Beat BART      Are you a first-time rider interested in a free ride on the Bay Area's most comprehensive rail system? Simply place your order to request a BART new rider ticket. We will send you a special invitation from BART to try their system with an $8 BART ticket. Bart system information can be found at www.BART.gov.

ACE Your Commute      Direct access from the San Joaquin Valley is yours on the ACE commuter rail system. First-time riders receive a free round-trip ticket and an opportunity to purchase your first monthly pass at half price. Train schedules and rider information are posted at www.AceRail.com.

Try A Trip on SJRTD    Commuters from Stockton, Manteca and Tracy can travel to Hacienda in comfort and style on SJRTD buses. Free round-trip tickets are available for first-time riders. Details on schedules are located at www.SJ-Smart.com.

Express Yourself on Tri-Delta Transit     Tri-Delta Express buses return to bring you directly from  Eastern Contra Costa County. New riders can try a free round-trip ride and a two-for-one-discount on their first monthly pass. Service information can be found on-line at: www.TriDeltaTransit.com.

Make the AC Transit Connection     Riders can try AC Transit's new Line M TransBay Express and Line DB (Dumbarton Bridge) TransBay Express services at a discount. Try the first three rides for free under the New Rider program. Information on  schedules and services can be found at www.ACTransit.org.

Free WHEELS Pass
In addition, Hacienda employees and residents are eligible for free WHEELS passes not for just one ride but all the time.  In order to qualify for a pass you need to be either an employee within Hacienda or a resident within one of the following Hacienda residential communities: Archstone, Avila, Siena, Valencia, or Verona. Bus passes entitle the bearer to a free ride to and from work, or to and from home for residents, on all WHEELS lines. WHEELS buses connect the Tri-Valley area to locations throughout Hacienda. WHEELS buses also meet each incoming ACE and BART train during the peak commute hours to shuttle Hacienda employees to their businesses and residents to the respective stations. During off-peak commute hours, WHEELS DART service shuttles passengers to and from the BART station as well as other destinations in the WHEELS service area. WHEELS I-680 express bus service provides a direct link for people commuting between Hacienda and Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek. Passes may be ordered at:  www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html.

Additional Resources
Need additional resources to plan and implement your alternative commute? It's easy. We have assembled a huge network of information on all of the above programs and more. For details, simply go to the Transportation section under Resources at www.hacienda.org.

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