Published June 15, 2005


Effective August 1, 2005 ACE will be operating under a new schedule through June 2006-2007 to accommodate renovations at the Santa Clara station.

New Train Schedule
Under the new schedule, ACE will decrease the amount of travel time for one way trips by 8 minutes. However, part of this gain will be due to the closing of the Santa Clara station for renovations. The new, faster schedule will be effective August 1, 2005 and is posted at: www.acerail.com/main/documents/SchedChange6305b.pdf. Once the work is complete, ACE riders will still enjoy a faster commute due to quicker and easier station access as well as other pending transit improvements in the system. For those inbound to Pleasanton from the San Joaquin Valley, the new arrival and departure times are as follows:
  • Pleasanton am (arrival)  5:35 am, 6:50 am, 7:55 am
  • Pleasanton pm (departure)  4:24 pm, 5:24 pm, 6:24 pm
2005 Free Morning Commute Participant
The Bay Area Air Quality Management District and the Metropolitan Transportation Commission will be offering free morning commutes for the first five Spare the Air days on participating transit agencies. ACE is part of this program. There will be a maximum of five free days during the June to October smog season and the free commute will be available on every participating Bay Area transit system for all passengers who board before 9 am. In addition to participating in the five free days promotion, ACE will also offer a $25 voucher to their passengers with monthly passes who ride the train on all five Spare the Air days.

Additional Information
Additional information relating to the schedule change and construction is available at: www.acerail.com/main/documents/SchedChange6305b.pdf. Please feel free to contact ACE directly using the information below.

Contact Information
Mike Steenburgh
949 East Channel Street, Stockton, California 95202
(209) 944-6235  phone     (209) 944-6233  fax     mike@acerail.com e-mail     www.acerail.com    WWW

Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California 94588-8570
(925) 734-6500  phone     (925) 734-6501  fax     info@hacienda.org  e-mail      www.hacienda.org    WWW