Published June 23, 2005


As you may be aware, there is a possibility that AC Transit, BART or SamTrans employees will strike in the near future resulting in a disruption of service. In the event of suspended service, several organizations are available to assist you with your commute. 

Let 511 Help
Carpooling or vanpooling will be an obvious choice for many riders in the event of a strike. 511 offers free ridematching services to help people find carpool or vanpool partners. A matchlist pairs your commute starting and destination points and times with similar commuters. You can pre-register for ridematching services by simply visiting http://rideshare.511.org/. A complete report will be mailed to your home which will include names of people who live and work near you who are interested in carpooling and vanpooling. Upon receiving your commute matches, simply contact the people on the list to make your arrangements.

Need Additional Help Planning your Commute?
In addition to providing ridematching services, the 511.org website is a complete Bay Area travel guide. In the event service is disrupted, 511 will feature updates and links to transit agency sites for information on modified services. A transit trip planner, which can help you to plan your trip door to door, is also available at: http://transit.511.org/tripplanner/index.asp.

Additional Information
Additional information on ridematching as well as a wide variety of commuting resources is available.  Feel free to use the contact information below for details. 

Contact Information
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