Published May 13, 2005


All Hacienda employees and residents may ride the WHEELS system for free. Passes providing access to the WHEELS system are available from Hacienda. As of June 7, 2005 new passes will be required for Hacienda employees and residents to board WHEELS buses. Beginning May 23, Hacienda will be distributing new passes to current pass holders.

WHEELS Service Area
WHEELS buses connect the Tri-Valley area to locations throughout Hacienda. WHEELS buses also meet each incoming ACE and BART train during the peak commute hours to shuttle Hacienda employees to their businesses and residents to the respective stations. During off-peak commute hours, WHEELS DART service shuttles passengers to and from the BART station as well as other destinations in the WHEELS service area. WHEELS I-680 express bus service provides a direct link for people commuting between Hacienda and Pleasant Hill/Walnut Creek.  Wheels schedules can be viewed online at: www.wheelsbus.com/schedules/index.html.

Pass Renewal Procedure for Employees
If you are a current pass holder, your new pass is currently being processed and will automatically be sent to your business address the week of May 23.  If you are a current pass holder and have not received your new pass by June 3, a new pass should be ordered online using our automated pass system at: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html and a new pass will be delivered immediately.

Pass Renewal Procedure for Residents
If you are a Hacienda resident at Archstone, Avila, Siena, Valencia, or Verona your replacement pass will be mailed to your Hacienda address beginning the week of May 23. If you have not received your new pass by June 3, please place an order online using our automated pass system at: www.hacienda.org/materials/materials_commute_pass.html.

Obtaining your Pass for the First Time
If you currently do not have a pass and are interested in obtaining one, simply use our online ordering system for fastest delivery. All passes must be delivered to a Hacienda business or residence address. 

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