Published September 10, 2013


Hacienda sits at the junction of over eight different transit services. If you are interested in trying an alternative to driving alone, there are a number of incentives to help you get started. Try our special New Rider program for a variety of free incentives to aid you in creating an easier commute.

New Riders Ride Free
Hacienda has New Rider passes for a variety of transit providers and passes can be ordered from our website at www.hacienda.org/forms/forms_order_rider.html. Below is a listing of our current offers.

AC Transit     Riders can try AC Transit's new Line M TransBay Express and Line DB (Dumbarton Bridge) TransBay Express services at a discount. Try the first ride for free under the New Rider program. Information on schedules and services can be found at www.ACTransit.org or by calling (510) 891-4700.

ACE Your Commute     Direct access from the San Joaquin Valley is yours on the ACE commuter rail. First-time riders can enjoy three consecutive days of commuting for free by requesting a Test Drive ticket. Train schedules and rider information are available by calling (800) 411-RAIL and are posted at www.AceRail.com.

You Can't Beat BART     Are you a first-time rider interested in a free ride on the Bay Area's most comprehensive rail system? Place your order to request a BART new rider ticket. We will send you a special invitation from BART to try their system. Bart system information can be found at www.BART.gov or (510) 464-6000.

County Connection    Bus service for Central Contra Costa County serving areas such as Alamo, Clayton, Danville and San Ramon to name a few.  A free one way ticket is available to first time riders. You can get service area information and bus schedules at www.cccta.org.

San Joaquin RTD’s Interregional Service     Commuters from San Joaquin Valley can travel to Hacienda in comfort and style with San Joaquin’s RTD.  A free round-trip ticket is available for first-time riders. Details on schedules can be obtained by calling (209) 943-1111 and are also located at www.sanjoaquinrtd.com.

Additional Information
Additional information on Hacienda and its transportation program is available. Please refer to the contact information below.

Contact Information
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