Published July 8, 2013


Hacienda is patrolled by Security Officers 24 hours a day, every day of the year. Hacienda Security provides continuous monitoring of the entire park using both patrols and watches making officers highly visible. Hacienda uses Security Officers as one of the best deterrents to crime, accidents, vandalism and malicious mischief through their visibility. 

Security Concerns
Let Hacienda Security assist you with your security needs. Although Hacienda Security is not directly responsible for the security of individual sites or businesses, they do perform cursory surveillance of these areas as a part of their daily schedule and answer requests for help from employees, residents, tenants, property managers and visitors. Hacienda Security is available to respond to a variety of security concerns ranging from nuisance issues to property management including items such as unwanted solicitors, unauthorized use of property and improperly parked vehicles. In all instances, Security Officers can respond on behalf of a requesting party to investigate a reported problem. Security Officers will then report their findings to the requestor or take appropriate follow-up action.

Contacting Security
There are several ways Hacienda employees and residents can contact Hacienda Security personnel. Hacienda Security is conveniently reached by e-mail by sending a message to security@hacienda.org. This address will forward messages to the Lead Security Officer as well as other security representatives in charge of the program at the park. Incidents can also be reported from our website at www.hacienda.org/forms/forms_submit_incident.html. Hacienda Security can also be reached 24 hours a day through our security message center at (925) 734-6520. The message center receives your security request and automatically pages a Security Officer to respond to your call. 

Supplemental Security 
All projects in the park are eligible to participate in Hacienda’s Supplemental Security program. Under this program, Hacienda Security provides additional after hours site surveillance free of charge. Security officers perform two pass-by site surveillance patrols and one perimeter door check each night after normal business hours. Businesses should refer to their location's property manager to determine if their project is currently enrolled in this program or complete the supplemental security request form below to receive more information.

Additional Information
Additional information on Hacienda and its security program is available. Please refer to the contact information below.
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