Published September 2, 2015


City of Pleasanton

Construction activity will soon be taking place to bring recycled water for landscape irrigation to large portions of Hacienda. The project is a significant undertaking involving a number of area-specific activities that will be conducted in Hacienda over the next year. While activities have been scheduled to provide minimum disruption, lane closures, restricted traffic access and delays may occur adjacent to areas where work is being performed.

Schedule of Work
Preparatory work is currently under way and short-term lane closures and limited construction activity will be seen throughout Hacienda prior to the commencement of the main project. Main project work is scheduled for the following areas with the targeted activity dates shown. Please be aware that starting and completion dates are subject to change based on the overall progress of the project.
  • 08.24.15 - 10.05.15   Pleasanton Sports Park to the corner of W. Las Positas and Stoneridge
  • 10.20.15 - 12.02.15   Stoneridge Drive from Hopyard to Willow
  • 11.25.15 - 01.11.16   Chabot
  • 12.03.15 - 01.15.16   Willow from Stoneridge to Gibraltar (South)
  • 01.12.16 - 02.08.16   Corner of Hopyard and Gibraltar
  • 01.18.16 - 02.29.16   Corner of Willow and W. Las Positas including portions of Gibraltar and Hacienda
  • 02.09.16 - 03.22.16   Gibraltar from Willow to Stoneridge
  • 03.01.16 - 04.11.16   Coronado and a portion of W. Las Positas
  • 03.23.16 - 05.03.16   Hacienda from Owens to Stoneridge
  • 04.12.16 - 05.24.16   W. Las Positas from Hacienda to Stoneridge
  • 05.04.16 - 06.15.16   Portions of Willow and Owens
  • 05.25.16 - 07.06.16   W. Las Positas from Stoneridge to Santa Rita
  • 06.16.16 - 07.28.16   Owens from Hacienda to W. Las Positas
  • 08.18.16 - 09.29.16   Inglewood from Hopyard to Willow
Assistance Sought
The Association would like to encourage added caution and safety in these areas while work is being conducted. Your assistance is requested in helping to alert people at your business or neighborhood about this project so that the greatest possible advance notification is provided.

Contact Information
Please do not hesitate to contact the City of Pleasanton using the information below if you have any questions or require additional details on this project. If an emergency situation arises, please contact the Operations Service Center at (925) 931-5500 for assistance.

Contact Information
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Hacienda Owners Association
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