Published October 30, 2009


The City Council held a public hearing on October 20 on the matter of redesignating three sites in Hacienda to mixed use development. The proposal passed and a second reading of the ordinance approving the action will occur at the next council meeting. This will be accompanied by the formation of a community planning committee to help guide the course of the development of projects on these sites.

Upcoming City Council Meetings
With the final approval of the action taken at the last meeting, the City of Pleasanton will implement some important changes it initiated as part of its General Plan update. Three sites in Hacienda will be given a mixed use designation in keeping with the land use designation given to Hacienda in the recently updated General Plan. The City Council will next be taking action on the formation of a community committee to help guide Hacienda planning. This item is scheduled to be heard at a meeting on November 3 at 7:00 pm.

Community Committee Composition
The staff proposal is for a nineteen member committee that will be composed of council representatives, planning commission representatives, council appointees, Hacienda land owners and representatives of the existing Hacienda residential communities. In addition, a separate advisory group consisting of various interested organizations is also being solicited to help provide input. Details on the committee and the upcoming planning process are found under Item 13 posted at: http://www.ci.pleasanton.ca.us/government/meetings/cc-agenda-091103.html.

Next Steps
As noted previously, It is important to note that no specific projects are under consideration at the November 3rd meeting. Likewise, other than applying the zoning designation that was created within the recently adopted General Plan, no project approvals are being sought. Site design and related issues will be the subject of this committee. It is expected that planning work will begin immediately after the formation of the committee and the participants are confirmed.

Additional Information
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