Published October 16, 2009


The City Council will be hearing the matter of rezoning three sites in Hacienda to a Mixed Use designation on October 20 at 7:00 pm. This will be followed by a separate meeting on November 3 at 7:00 pm that will consider the matter of the formation of a committee to help guide the planning of these properties.

Upcoming City Council Meetings
The City of Pleasanton is now moving forward with implementing some important changes it initiated as part of its General Plan update. As you may know, the updated General Plan gave Hacienda a new land use designation of Mixed Use/Business Park. This means that, on a lot-by-lot basis, the city can now apply a new mixed-use designation in Hacienda that includes residential development. The city is proceeding with this designation on three sites within the park that have been likewise approved by Hacienda owners for mixed-use development (details are available within the city staff report prepared for the Planning Commission): Near-term and Long-term Actions
It is important to note that no specific projects are under consideration at the October 20th meeting. Likewise, other than applying the zoning designation that was created within the recently adopted General Plan, no project approvals are being sought. Site design and related issues will be the subject of a special committee that the City Council will establish after completing the rezoning. The City Council meeting to discuss the formation of this committee is being held November 20th. This committee, which will involve open public participation, will help provide input into the shape and character of future development. Individual projects can then be brought forward in conformance with direction adopted by the City Council based on the committee's input.

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Additional information relating to Hacienda development and project news is available. Please refer to the contact below for details.

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