Published April 19, 2010


As was recently noted, a judgment against the City of Pleasanton was handed down from the California Superior Court regarding the city's lack of compliance with state Housing Element law. The judgment immediately voids Pleasanton's housing cap, requires that land for housing that was to have been provided in the Housing Element of Pleasanton's General Plan be made available by right and suspends Pleasanton's ability to issue non-residential permits until the matters identified in the judgment are resolved.

Continued Effects of the Judgment
Pleasanton is still working with the court to determine how routine permits for construction, tenant improvements and related matters can be issued under the ruling. While there is still no resolution to this issue, the city is continuing with a process by which permits can be submitted to the court and approved. All incoming permits are now required to complete a permit description form that will be presented to the court for approval. It is recommended that those needing permits from the city continue to submit their applications and expect that the permits will be processed with only minimal delay. City staff are in the process of getting additional clarification on the ruling from the court and have promised to report back to Hacienda as soon as more information is available. 

City Council Law Suit Update
The Pleasanton City Council held the first of two meetings on April 6 to discuss issues related to the law suit with the public and to receive comments on how the community would like the city to respond. Potential responses include either, or some combination, of: appealing the decision, agreeing to the decision or negotiating a settlement. The second of these meetings will be held on April 20, 2010. A copy of the staff report for the upcoming meeting can be found at: http://www.ci.pleasanton.ca.us/WEBLINK8/DocView.aspx?id=227954&page=1&dbid=0 and http://www.ci.pleasanton.ca.us/WEBLINK8/DocView.aspx?id=227955&page=1&dbid=0. Members of the business community are encouraged to direct comments and recommendations about the city's response to the law suit either prior to or at the meeting. 

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