Published September 25, 2012


The City of Pleasanton has recently adopted a new set of Housing Site Development Standards and Design Guidelines for use on sites rezoned pursuant to the city's updated General Plan Housing Element. Several of these sites are within Hacienda. The new Housing Design Guidelines will now be used in conjunction with Hacienda's existing Design Guidelines for project review performed on these sites. Access to a copy of these new guidelines is found below.

New Design Standards
As part of an earlier planning process, new design standards were promulgated for three sites in Hacienda at the beginning of 2011 (TOD Standards and Design Guidelines dated March 1, 2011). The new Housing Design Standards that were recently adopted have largely been based on this previous work. These guidelines will be applied to any residential projects proposed on five Hacienda sites: Site 18A, Site 19, Site 23B, Site 54/56C and Site 59.

Reference Documents
As a reminder, you can obtain reference documents concerning the Association and Hacienda, including the new Housing Design Guidelines, on the park's web site. Copies of these documents can be found at the following locations: Additional Information
Additional information on the newly adopted standards is available. Please refer to the City of Pleasanton contact below for details.

Contact Information
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