Published September 28, 2012


We believe that Hacienda is one of the finest business locations in the world. As a way of telling this story, Hacienda has created a number of items to let people know about the quality environment found within the development. We have recently updated a number of these resources and would like to let you know how they can be accessed.

Resource Materials
Hacienda materials are available in a variety of formats and locations. Many of these can be found on our web site, www.Hacienda.org. Please feel free to use our site or contact our office for any of the following:
  • fliers with background information on Hacienda as well as on our programs and services (which may also be downloaded off our web site at www.hacienda.org/forms/forms_order_project.html and www.hacienda.org/forms/forms_order_orientation.html);
  • a DVD with video presentations covering the topics presented in printed materials (also available for viewing along with other special presentations at www.hacienda.org/presentations/home.html);
  • copies of promotional brochures; and
  • recent editions of our NETWORK newsletter (also posted on our web site at www.hacienda.org/ho/ho_network.html).
Customized Information Delivery
Our office is a repository of over thirty years of information on the development and is available for those wanting to locate or invest in the park. Let us know how we can address your particular interests. Furthermore, if you would like details on a specific facet of Hacienda, we can develop something special to suit your needs. In particular:
  • packages, in both printed and electronic formats, are available in any quantity you need to provide information on the many benefits and services available at Hacienda;
  • customized reports and data summaries can be prepared to supply you with additional details on Hacienda's many advantages;
  • our display and conference rooms are available as a meeting location for client tours within Hacienda and our staff is available as a resource on the park's features;
  • and much more.
Additional collateral is available that explains the value of a Hacienda business address. Furthermore, we can combine any selection of items you choose to create a package fitting your unique requirements. Feel free to contact us to let us know what you need as all materials are available to deliver on demand.

Assistance Available
We hope that all of the items noted here will be of interest. More importantly, we hope you will let us know what we can do to assist. Please feel free to come by our office for a visit, learn more about the resources available for your use and let us know what we can do to be of assistance.

Additional Information
Additional information on our new materials is available. Please refer to the Association contact below for details.

Contact Information
Hacienda Owners Association
4473 Willow Road, Suite 105, Pleasanton, California  94588-8570
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