Published January 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 1

Community First Changing to U.S. Bank
Emphasis to Remain on Customer Service, Community Involvement

US Bank
The staff of the Hacienda Community First National Bank is looking
forward to becoming part of Portland-based U.S. Bank.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

These days, it seems that most bank mergers involve bad feelings and the closing of branches. That's not the case, however, with U.S. Bank's acquisition of Community First National Bank. In fact, the staff of the local branch, located under the clock tower at Hacienda Plaza, is looking forward to the change. 

"We are excited about the services that U.S. Bank has to offer our customers," says Robert Philcox, Community's president and CEO. "In the case of businesses, there are many new products which we can offer, including online banking."

A Long Pleasanton History
Community First National Bank's history is intertwined with that of Pleasanton. The bank was established in 1910. Philcox, who became just the fourth president of the organization in 1988, joined the bank in 1954. 

"When I started, there were 3,000 people in town and it was a $2.5 million bank. Now, it's a $250 million bank and there are over 50,000 in town," says Philcox. 

Adding to the mutual histories are Philcox's terms on the City Council, including a stint as mayor, in the '70s. "We laid the groundwork for places like Hacienda and Stoneridge Mall in that time," he says.

Name Change March 13
The actual transition takes place March 13, when new U.S. Bank signs will be unveiled in each branch. "All of our locations will remain," says Philcox. 

There are steps to be taken before then, however. "We'll be sending letters to our customers at the end of this month explaining what will happen," he says. "We're also coming out with a booklet for the business customers showing them how things will match over from the type of accounts they've had to the new products we have, followed by a booklet in February for consumers." 

Among the new services which will be offered to businesses is online banking, which will enable them to transfer money between accounts, put stop payments on checks, make wire transfers, and more. 

Community Emphasis Remains
Philcox is confident that U.S. Bank will continue his bank's involvement in the community. "U.S. Bank participates and promotes local projects and will continue our tradition of involvement, and in fact probably even enhance it," he says. 

Call (510) 426-6252 for more information. 


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