Published June 16, 1997
Volume 5, Number 6

Film, Video Productions Crossing the Goal Line
Cutting Edge Facilities Offered to Corporate, Commercial Clients

Goal Line
Paul Levine, Erik James, and Joe Madden (left to right)
form the core team at Goal Line Productions.

By Jay Hipps
Network Editor

Goal Line Productions, a film and video production company originally created to provide services for Fox-TV football commentator John Madden, is opening its doors to local businesses.

"We've done all these major productions with Fox and MSNBC, and we figure we're ready to show our talent to the rest of the community," says Goal Line's Joe Madden. "We think we have an awful lot to offer."

The company has produced national TV commercials, music videos, live TV shows, corporate videos, and more. While many have featured John Madden, more and more of the company's business is coming from other sourcesa trend they want to continue.

Cutting Edge Studio
Goal Line's facilities would be the envy of most of the nation's television stations. The company offers a state-of-the-art studio with satellite uplink capability, in addition to a 65-by-95 foot 2-wall stage with full lighting and grip packages; a non-linear video editing suite; and a digital audio recording studio and editing suite. With full makeup and wardrobe rooms, the facility can serve productions ranging from broadcast to corporate video, and even feature films.

"We did a short film here within the last year that won an award at the Slamdance Film Festival," adds Erik James, Goal Line's director. "We've really run the gamut in terms of what we have experience with and what we know we can do for people, but we're also willing to explore areas that we're not yet familiar with. If a client has a need, we're willing to look into things we haven't done."

Full Service
Despite their impressive surroundings, Goal Line's Paul Levine is quick to point out that the knowl edge required to make the most of the equipment is a key ingredient to their services. 

"It's important to know that we're not just a facilitywe can take a project all the way through production," he says. "If the creative aspects can't be handled by the people under this roof, we have relationships with people that can come in and help us conceptualize, to go from a blank piece of paper to a full production, including items like scripting and storyboarding."

For more information, contact Paul Levine at Goal Line Productions at (510) 225-0811.


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