Published July 21, 1997
Volume 5, Number 7

UCC Info Helps Reunite Lost Friends
Collection Firm to Inaugurate "People Finder" Service for Public

Kevin Brooks, marketing manager for UCC.

A new resource for finding old friends makes its debut this month as UCC Information Services unveils its "People Finder" service. Through promotions that include a "Find an Old Friend" contest on KYCY radio, UCC Info will enable people throughout the Bay Area to find old college friends, child hood friends, and others. 

The service expands on an existing expertise within UCC Info's parent company, United Collection Corporation. "Within the last year, we've determined that skip tracing, the process of locating a person or personal assets, is one of our core competencies," explains Kevin Brooks, UCC's marketing manager. "With that in mind, UCC Information Services was launched."

In addition to the People Finder service, the company is offering Insurance Finder, which focuses on identifying auto insurance policies, and Asset Finder, which reports real estate ownership, registered vehicles, and more. The three "Finders" are the first services that UCC has ever offered to the public, "Our core business is commercial clients," he says.

15 Years of Experience
UCC was founded in 1982, offering a full menu of collection services for commercial customers. 

"Our biggest clients historically have been car rental companies, colleges and universities," says Brooks. 

Car rental collections center largely on recovering costs due to vehicle damage, and has earned UCC more than $20 million in annual placements from clients such as Alamo, National, Hertz, and Avis. 

UCC's work with educational institutions focuses on recovery of defaulted student loans, tuition receivables, and various student accounts.

"Our experience, knowledge, and sensitivity to the image and reputation of both public and private schools have earned us continuing relationships with more than 50 institutions of higher learning in eight states," adds Brooks. 

For companies with their own, in-house collections departments, UCC offers a variety of corollary services, including skip tracing, asset investigations, debt and claims management, partial payment administration, recovery strategy development, and receivable acquisitions.


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