Published April 18, 2000
Volume 8, Number 4

Transportation Survey a Win-Win for Businesses, Commuters, City of Pleasanton 

Transportation SurveyThe City of Pleasanton will be distributing its employee transportation survey between May 8 and 15 and with it an opportunity for free goods and services to businesses and employees. Best of all, participating in the survey is easy, as the City of Pleasanton will do everything to make the process as simple as possible. It's an opportunity to get a lot for a little, including cash prizes for employees. 

Employers have several reasons to take part in the survey. After the surveys are analyzed, employers will receive a customized report on how to develop transportation benefits programs based on the unique needs of their employees. 

Participating in the survey also allows companies to enroll in the City of Pleasanton's "Commendable Commutes," a voluntary trip reduction program that gives employers and the business community tools to help reduce traffic congestion. 

"When employers sign up for Commendable Commutes they will receive help in planning, implementing, marketing and monitoring a program to promote commute alternatives with the goal of better serving their employees needs," says Gail Gilpin, Pleasanton's economic development manager. "The city will help employers every step of the way." 

There are many employee advantages with Commendable Commutes. For instance, employees have a guaranteed ride home if they use alternate transportation (van pool, etc.) and find that they need to get home early. Those enrolled in the program are also entitled to BART incentives, free SMART tickets, on-site transportation workshops, and more. 

Employees will also enjoy participating because their five minutes spent filling out the survey and returning it to their company transportation coordinator automatically enters them in a drawing to win $50. 

The benefits don't stop there. The survey also plays a critical role in helping the city gather valuable information for transportation and infrastructure planning. It will also help determine the city's progress in reducing traffic congestion. 

There are other benefits as well. Trip reduction translates directly into better air quality. Offering employees commute alternatives makes businesses more attractive to employees and helps retain them. Congestion reduction is also important for businesses that depend on freeway transport of goods. 

"Walk, bike, van or car pool, take BART or bus, you really can make a difference," adds Diana Bonanno, economic development assistant for the City of Pleasanton. 

For more information about the employee transportation surveys, all of the benefits of Commendable Commutes, and the customized reports available to participating employers, call Diana Bonanno at (925) 931-5039.

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