Published June 21, 2011
Volume 19, Number 6

  • Hacienda’s Ellie Mae has launched the Total Quality Loan (TQL) program, a new initiative to improve the quality of loans originated through the company’s Encompass360 Mortgage Management Solution. The TQL program centers around a suite of services and secure technology that enables users to share the findings and data from those services with other stakeholders in the mortgage industry supply chain.    

    “Quality and compliance are major concerns for lenders, who need to comply with new regulations, avoid potential fines and minimize buyback risk while also making sure loans are of salable quality,” said Jonathan Corr, chief strategy officer for Ellie Mae. “They need tools that address specific regulations as well as investors’ quality standards throughout the entire mortgage process.
  • ”Visioneer’s Mobility scanner, a groundbreaking new product released by the Hacienda company earlier this year, is racking up an impressive list of rave reviews, including the PC Magazine Editors’ Choice Award, a perfect five star rating from Network World Magazine, an 8 out of 10 rating from Mobile Magazine, an Editors Choice award from Businessinfo Magazine, as well as extremely positive reviews from CRN Magazine and Inventor Spot.    

    Visioneer Mobility is a cordless mobile scanner that works without a computer, cables, or drivers, and scans directly to an SD card or USB memory drive. Mobility is also the first mobile scanner that can scan directly to smart phones including Android, Windows and BlackBerry.    

    According to the PC Magazine review, published on March 31, 2011, “the Mobility is way out in front of everyone else. If you need a portable document scanner, make sure this one winds up on your short list.”
  • Veeva Systems’ iRep, the first integrated CRM solution for the pharmaceutical industry designed for the Apple iPad, has been deployed by Validus to their US sales teams. Validus, a Santa Cruz firm which acquires, reformulates, and markets prescription products relevant to the psychiatry market, trained and deployed iRep in just five weeks, and sales reps have already reported that walking into a physician’s office with an iPad for information sharing is piquing interest with doctors.    

    “We expect the efficiency of sample ordering to increase,” said Richard Post, vice president of sales and marketing at Validus. “And being able to more easily capture information such as calls per day, reach and frequency, and response to marketing messages will give us the exact information we need to be more effective.”

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