Published January 21, 2016
Volume 24, Number 1

Business Bits


  • SmartZip Releases Next Generation of Flagship Software, SmartTargeting     

    SmartZip Analytics, a Hacienda-based corporation specializing in predictive marketing technology for real estate, has redesigned and enhanced its flagship software product, SmartTargeting. The software now includes a real estate focused CRM technology which lets agents easily keep track and stay connected to their top seller prospects while they are both inside and outside the office. A stand-alone CheckIn app, which now comes standard with SmartTargeting, helps agents track, schedule and prioritize follow up actions such as phone calls, emails, door knocking and other common outreach activities from any mobile device. The app syncs data and contact insights from SmartTargeting so real estate professionals can have more educated conversations with prospects, and keep track of their most important daily follow up actions to streamline their business and close more deals.
    “We are extremely excited to introduce this game-changing smart CRM technology to our customers,” said SmartZip president and CEO Avi Gupta. “The real estate industry is thirsty for insightful outreach and productivity tools that allow agents to narrow their focus and work smarter. The all-new SmartTargeting gives real estate professionals the opportunity for automated, streamlined follow through, which is critical for expanding their listings business.”

  • Roche receives FDA approval for HIV-1 viral load test   

    Hacienda’s Roche Molecular Diagnostics has received approval from the United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for an HIV-1 viral load test for use on the company’s cobas molecular testing systems. The new test is part of the next generation of Roche viral load tests, which clinicians use to manage the disease and treatment of patients infected with HIV-1.
    “The cobas HIV-1 test is based on Roche’s unique dual-target technology to simultaneously amplify and detect two separate regions of the HIV-1 genome, which are not subject to selective drug pressure,” said Paul Brown, head of Roche Molecular Diagnostics. “The addition of this test on the fully automated cobas 6800/8800 systems provides laboratories with a comprehensive virology menu to support physicians in making informed treatment decisions for HIV-1 patients undergoing antiretroviral therapy.”

  • Corporate Visions Survey Finds Inability to Articulate Value Hurts B2B Sales Negotiations    

    A survey conducted by Corporate Visions, a marketing and sales messaging, content, and skills training company headquartered in Hacienda, has revealed that the biggest factor impacting margins in B2B transactions is the inability of salespeople to articulate value. The survey, which polled more than 300 B2B marketers regarding price negotiations, also found that 45 percent of companies had no formal negotiation skills program in place to address this issue.
    “The newsflash here is that margin erosion isn’t just coming from customers putting pressure on price concessions,” said Tim Riesterer, chief strategy and marketing officer for Corporate Visions. “The survey indicates the primary problem is actually salespeople’s inability to create a perception of value and a lack of confidence to claim that value. It’s clear there's also still a need for companies to provide formal negotiation skills training that's not focused on the buyer’s tactics but rather, on the salesperson’s skills at capturing value.”

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