Published November 25, 2009


The Hacienda Owners Association is pleased to announce that we will be continuing our Supplemental Security program during 2010. As in the past, this free program will consist of one round of exterior door checking during the evening and two site surveillance patrols made by our park Security Officers at your project. These site observations will randomly occur each day between six in the evening and six in the morning. 

Enrollment Process
Interested participants should complete the waiver and consent agreement and return it to the Association's office. These materials will be mailed out December 1. It is important that we receive signed agreements from you prior to December 15 to maintain the continuity of the program. The agreement will last for one year and must be signed by the owner of the property or by the owner's authorized representative. One agreement needs to be completed for each site taking part in the program.

Security Response Procedures
As part of the Supplemental Security enrollment package, all Hacienda property managers will receive the reporting and response procedures currently on file for their particular site. Regardless of whether or not a Hacienda project is participating in the Supplemental Security program, all projects are welcome to provide information concerning their site to assist security officers with their patrols and observations. We would particularly appreciate having response procedures updated with new information on emergency contacts for the site and site tenants as needed. 

Additional Information
We hope that you will find the Supplemental Security program a useful service in the management of your project. Please feel free to contact our office if you have any questions about, or would like additional information on, this program.  

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