Published April 15, 2010


Pacific Gas and Electric Company (PG&E) will be switching all of their customers to a new tariff, Peak Day Pricing, by November 2011.  Large commercial and industrial customers will be shifted to the new rate on May 1st. You can join the growing list of bay area businesses and governments helping California reduce rolling blackouts and greenhouse gas emissions by enrolling in a free Demand Response Program being offered by SF Community Power.

About Peak Day Pricing
PG&E's Peak Day Pricing is similar to a demand response program, except rather than paying you to reduce your use when demand is high it imposes more expensive rates during peak periods, with lower prices charged during off-peak periods. Under the Peak Day Pricing program, a minimum of nine energy alerts will be called throughout the year and power users that do not reduce electricity during the alert pay a premium rate. Facilities can be excluded from the Peak Day Pricing tariff by enrolling in a free Demand Response Program being offered through SF Community Power.

Demand Response Program
SF Community Power, a local non-profit organization partnered with PG&E, is offering a free Demand Response Program funded by the California Public Utilities Commission. The Demand Response Program works similar to a "Spare the Air" program but for buildings. By enrolling in this free program, you agree to be notified when California is experiencing a grid emergency. Participants then help during emergencies by simply turning off a light switch or turning up a thermostat. Program enrollees get paid $36 for every kilowatt reduced and also avoid any changes to current electricity rates. Once enrolled in the program you will never be charged a fee or penalty of any kind. To learn more about the program or to sign-up, please visit: www.sfpower.org/subnav10001.php.
Additional Information
Additional information on this program and other conservation programs is available. Please refer to the SF Community Power contact below for details. 

Contact Information
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