Published March 26, 2014



True Market Solutions

As summer approaches, placing a greater focus on how to reduce water, waste, and energy to make sure utility costs do not hurt your bottom line becomes all the more important. A True Market Solutions (TMS) Sustainability Circle in Pleasanton will focus on these areas and more to ensure you are doing everything you can to stay ahead of rising costs. Join other organizations in Pleasanton as well as circle supporters Hacienda, the City of Pleasanton and PG&E to work together to create region specific solutions tailored to your business and your customers.

Creating Tangible Value and Return
The TMS Sustainability Circles Program is a high-touch peer-learning journey about sustainable performance innovation and a platform for business exchange. Designed for small to mid-size enterprises, the Sustainability Circles program empowers participants with the latest thinking, tools, and frameworks to effectively embed sustainable practices into their organizations and increase the value of their businesses.

How Sustainability Circles Work
A TMS Sustainability Circle is a 6-month program that brings together two representatives from 10 businesses to engage in a co-learning journey. Participants are generally facilities and energy managers who bring the technical understanding of your company operations to the circle. Through monthly workshops, individual coaching, on-sites, and idea exchange, Circle participants are guided in the creation of individually customized Sustainability Action Plans spanning their organization’s operations, branding, and culture. Here is what you can expect from participation in this program:
  • individual coaching that helps you identify areas ripe for immediate savings and return on investment;
  • highly relevant information from experts so that you can learn about current technologies, incentives, and approaches for better productivity and operational efficiency;
  • a co-learning platform comprised of 10 participating businesses that generates new insights and ideas for innovation from like-minded peers;
  • a comprehensive sustainability program consisting of 6 monthly sessions with a focus on employee and stakeholder engagement for long-term results; and
  • an action plan framework that ensures achievable implementation of sustainability initiatives.
There will be a free TMS Circle Preview on Tuesday, April 8th from 12:00 pm to 1:00pm at the Hacienda Owners Association's office located at 4473 Willow Road, Suite 105. This will be a chance to bring your questions and comments and engage with the other members of our community and True Market Solutions. This is a highly affordable program and well worth the minimal investment. To register, send an e-mail to milesh@truemarketsolutions.com. You may also request a one-on-one discussion to learn more about program specifics. Space is limited to the first 10 Pleasanton businesses to sign up as this circle will be launching in early May. For more details, visit truemarketsolutions.com.

Additional Information
Additional information on this program is available. Please refer to the True Market Solutions contact below for details.

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