Published September 17, 2015



Bay Area Air Quality Management District

The Bay Area Air Quality Management District is pleased to announce Charge!, an incentive program that offers grant funding for the installation of electric vehicle supply equipment, or electric vehicle charging stations, at Bay Area transportation corridors, workplaces, multi-family dwelling units and trip destination locations. This program is funded through the Transportation Fund for Clean Air Regional Fund, which provides grants to improve air-quality within the nine-county Bay Area by reducing criteria emissions from on-road vehicles.

Charge! Program
The goal of the Air District’s Charge! Program is to rapidly expand access to electric vehicle charging stations in order to accelerate the Bay Area’s adoption of electric vehicles and ultimately to achieve the region's deployment goals of 110,000 electric vehicles by 2020 and 247,000 electric vehicles by 2025. An initial allocation of $5 million is available through the Charge! Program and funding will be awarded to qualifying projects on a first-come, first-served basis.

Eligibility and Applying
Both public and non-public entities are eligible to apply for funding. In addition, the Air District Board of Directors has authorized higher funding amounts for projects that offset grid demand through onsite power generation using zero-emission, renewable sources (i.e., wind or solar) or onsite battery storage. Applications for Charge! Program grant funding are currently being accepted. The deadline for applications is 4 PM, Friday, December 18, 2015, unless funds are exhausted sooner. Information about the process and materials are available at www.baaqmd.gov/grant-funding/public-agencies/charge.

Additional Information
Additional information on this program and other initiatives is available. For details, please refer to the Bay Area Air Quality Management District information below.

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