Published March 21, 2017
Volume 1, Number 3

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies Offers a Better Night's Sleep

By Tina Hansen
Pulse Writer

If you are reading this after getting a restless night’s sleep because either you or your partner snores, a new Hacienda business may be able to help. Snoring is more than just annoying, it is symptomatic of Obstructive Sleep Apnea which can lead to serious health risks that can impact your life in various ways from heart disease to depression.

For the person snoring, most often men, the most common and serious health risk is called sleep apnea, which is when you stop breathing during sleep, and your oxygen levels drop causing the brain to react by waking you up. For the person living with a snorer, it is called secondhand snorer's disease and the effects can result in more pain complaints, higher levels of fatigue and headaches.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies has created a mouth guard like device that treats obstructive sleep apnea which in turn may resolve some of the most common sleep problems.

According to the National Sleep Foundation, 90 million Americans snore and 18 million Americans experience symptoms of sleep apnea. If you sleep next to one of those snorers, you suffer as well. Most people will not seek help from a sleep doctor, so the field of dentistry has become more involved in sleep apnea care.

A dentist can detect the less evident symptoms of sleep apnea through an oral exam and when a patient complains of other symptoms. The dentist may suspect a patient suffers from sleep apnea if the patient complains of issues like dry mouth, headache, and fatigue.

Dentists will send patients with symptoms of sleep apnea to a sleep medicine specialist who can then assess the patient's conditions. If a patient is diagnosed with the disorder, he or she may return to the dentist to receive treatment and be fitted for a mouth guard device.

ProSomnus Sleep Technologies works with a dentist who will first take an impression and bite from your mouth. Then ProSomnus creates a custom, state-of-the-art sleep apnea device that fits over the teeth in your mouth and will reposition the jaw and tongue to improve airflow which then allows for a more restful night’s sleep.

“ProSomnus invents and manufactures custom intraoral devices that enable dentists to treat obstructive sleep apnea with greater effectiveness, efficiency, and convenience,” said Len Liptak, CEO of ProSomnus Sleep Technologies.

Increasingly, dentists are receiving special training to recognize the signs of sleep apnea and encouraging patients to see a sleep specialist. If diagnosed, the patient can be fitted for an oral appliance. Because sleep apnea can be a silent condition, it can go undiagnosed for many years which can lead to more serious health complications if not identified and properly treated.

"Dentists are in a unique position to see the signs and symptoms of Sleep Apnea and other systemic diseases since they are in contact with their patients more regularly than their physicians. The MicrO2® Sleep and Snore Device from ProSomnus utilizes the latest technology to give us a great option for the treatment of snoring and Sleep Apnea", says Dr. Stephanie Loller, DDS, LVIF of San Jose, CA.

According to Sung Kim, Vice President of Engineering & Operations, “ProSomnus is the only company that precision manufactures intraoral devices for the treatment of obstructive sleep apnea. Our proprietary manufacturing platform allows ProSomnus to meet clinical requirements in terms of function, features, and also consistency, reliability, and service.”

If you would like more information on the product, or to find a ProSomnus Sleep Dentist in your area, you can visit www.micro2sleepdevice.com or ProSomnusDentists.com.